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What kind of math does music use?

This is from a conversation over Facebook with my friend, Adam who has a BA in Music Education. I found it really interesting even if it was just a peek into the music world with math-colored glasses on.  It makes me want to explore math-music.

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Everyday Variables

Have you ever asked the question “when am I ever going to use math in my life”? Seriously, when do you use mathematics outside the classroom?

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“Slice It!”: A Very Addictive Game

Suppose you have a circle and you have to cut the circle into 4 regions of equal area with only 3 cuts.  Where do you place the lines?  Is there an exact strategy or is it a manner of approximation.  Either way, it’s not as easy as one might think and yet the game is tantalizingly fun. 

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GeoGebra: The Math App of a Lifetime


One of the greatest mathematics programs I’ve ever used is GeoGebra.  If you have not tried out this app or at least seen examples of the awesome, interactive worksheets students, teachers, or anyone interested have made, you are missing out.

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