Secondary Education Concentration

Education Background

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I am originally from Georgia. I moved across the state and attended many different elementary, middle, and high schools. I graduated May of 2003 from Eastside High school with a Dual diploma (College Prep/Technical Prep). I enrolled at Georgia Perimeter College (GPC) and attended the Rockdale, Clarkston, and Lawrenceville campuses in 2003. I became a tutor in math and computer applications at GPC in October of 2004. I achieved my Associates Degree in Mathematics in August of 2005. I am now a student at Metropolitan State College of Denver (MSCD) and tutored at the MSCD Tutoring Center from 2007 to 2009. In Fall 2009, I achieved my Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics. I am currently a licensed substituted teacher and am pursuing my Teaching License.

Why I Want to be a Teacher

I’ve seen many students become frustrated with mathematics to the point where they don’t want to try anymore. They become discouraged and doubt their ability to learn the skills. To just observe that side of any student motivates me to teach and to help them in any way I can. I want to empower my students to pursue constructive ways to learn and conquer the material. Since learning and teaching changes with each generation, it inspires me to search and apply new methods of teaching. It further inspires me to produce helpful materials and interactive applications to expand and progress any student’s thought process. The satisfaction of building a student’s confidence level and understanding fuels my motivation to teach. I want to see a bright future and the progression of knowledge. There will always be new problems to solve and I want to be part of the solution.

What I Have Learned About Myself

I refined my skills in teaching mathematics to students in the secondary educational level. What helped me to grow were my experiences in tutoring college students and high school field placements. I tutored college students of different ages in different levels of mathematics and also taught high school mathematics during my Student Teaching. It’s allowed me to learn new techniques and expand my knowledge to better myself and others in mathematics.

In comparison, the experience of teaching students in high school mathematics has given me a new perspective. Teaching a minor is much different from teaching an adult. Young students have different learning styles and different modes of motivation. Students need a positive role-model. I’ve also been inspired to write more worksheets, review sheets, tool kits,  and demonstrative packets to help students with commonly asked questions. I like to write down and try fun ideas that either students or I come up with to be included in future lesson plans.

Educational Philosophy

Abraham Maslow

As a mathematics teacher, I have several different goals I wish to accomplish for my students through the Humanism Educational Philosophy. I have been a mathematics tutor for several years. I know every student has different preconceptions and learning styles about math. Just as Abraham Maslow emphasized on personal achievement, my students should achieve a thorough understanding of mathematics for each course I teach so they can apply it to their lives. I will also make an effort to rid their fears of fractions, decimals, and equations and empower them through self actualization. The role of the student in mathematics is to gain a higher comprehension of the material and innovate new ways for critical thinking and problem-solving. Many students do not feel comfortable applying the skills they have learned. It is my goal to teach students how to confidently practice metacognition. That is to say, I will teach them to explore different ways to exercise their knowledge so they learn and understand different methods of problem-solving.

My role as a teacher is to provide equal educational opportunity for all students of different backgrounds. It is also to demonstrate democratic ideals for the development of good future citizens. By designing a positive learning environment, the students and I can learn comfortably about each other. With this knowledge I can incorporate cultural information in my classroom lessons to gain their interest and encourage learning in diverse contexts. In a good learning environment, the students will achieve better personal values and skills they can use at home and in their communities. It will strengthen family values and gratification for the effort of the school. The effort I put into teaching will help students have a better understanding of mathematics and realize brighter futures. My educational philosophy of student self-actualization through mathematics is important to me because the mental benefits from mathematics is applicable to countless perceptions and opportunities.

Why You Should Hire Me

I’ve tutored students in mathematics and other computer subjects for the past couple of years. It has been my experience that students need a teacher who is patient, motivating, genuinely cares, and can trust. I understand that the same old routine is not enough to teach students when each student has a different learning style. It is my duty as a teacher to stay proactive and aware of how my students learn and understand. It is also my duty to continually search and adjust for better and effective learning methods with each generation of new students. It is important that I assess myself as well in an objective manner in order to improve myself as a teacher and myself as a person.

Teaching mathematics is not just about understanding symbols and numbers but developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills applicable to more than just academics. I am always searching for new and effective resources such as free and user-friendly software to simplify learning and communication between students, parents, teachers, and myself. The more skills I learn, the more I can bring and share with others. Students need to learn the mathematical essentials along with the necessary concepts and skills to apply them to their careers and community. It is also my duty as a teacher to teach my students multiculturalism, social skills, respect, and tolerance for each other so they can form a better society. In doing so it is important for me to practice what I mean by demonstrating respectful mannerisms with my students along with my fellow faculty and staff members.

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