Adjustable Histogram

Adjustable Histogram Directions:

  • Default Functions:
    • Refresh Button: To reset the applet, click the Refresh Button at the top-right corner.
    • Zoom In/Out: Using your scroll wheel, you can zoom in and zoom out of the applets visible area. The screen tends to re-center wherever the mouse cursor is located.
    • Move: Hold the Shift key and then click and hold your primary mouse button to pan around the visible area of the applet.
  • Movable Objects:
    • Boxplot: Click and drag the triangle on the y-axis to heighten or lower the boxplot.
    • Checkboxes: Turn show or hide the statistic features.
    • Movable Points: Click and drag the points above the bars of the histogram vertically to add numbers or remove numbers from the data set and thus altering the shape of the histogram. Adjustments will reevaluate the statistical features that are shown via the corresponding marked checkboxes.
  • Purpose:
    • To demonstrate the individual data sets and the effects on a histogram one at a time.
      • Left-skewed data
      • Right-skewed data
      • Symmetric
      • Etc…
    • To study measures of center and determine when a measure of center is appropriate or relevant.
    • To provide students and teachers a tool to practice constructing histograms, box-plots  and calculating statistic details such as mean, mode, and the five-number summary.

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