Geometric Paradox

Geometric Paradox Directions:

  • Default Functions:
    • Refresh Button: To reset the applet, click the Refresh Button at the top-right corner.
    • Zoom In/Out: Using your scroll wheel, you can zoom in and zoom out of the applets visible area. The screen tends to re-center wherever the mouse cursor is located.
    • Move: Hold the Shift key and then click and hold your primary mouse button to pan around the visible area of the applet.
  • Movable Objects:
    • Adjust Diameter: Adjusts the size of the diameter of the large semicircle.
    • Movable Center: Changes the center point of the large semicircle and the inscribed semicircles.
    • Slider: Increases or decreases the number of inscribed semicircles.
  • Purpose:  To demonstrate the strange relationship between the large and smaller semicircles. That is, to observe the areas and perimeters of the semicircles and compare the mathematics to what appears to be common sense.

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