Unit Circle

Unit Circle Directions:

  • Default Functions:
    • Refresh Button: To reset the applet, click the Refresh Button at the top-right corner.
    • Zoom In/Out: Using your scroll wheel, you can zoom in and zoom out of the applets visible area. The screen tends to re-center wherever the mouse cursor is located.
    • Move: Hold the Shift key and then click and hold your primary mouse button to pan around the visible area of the applet.
  • Movable Objects:
    • Check-boxes: To show or hide the corresponding divisions of the unit circle and also to reveal an interesting pattern to build the unit circle.
    • Sliders:
      • α and δ: Click and drag the point to view the angle increments in a counter-clockwise or clockwise direction.
  • Purpose:  To provide students with an interactive reference of the Unit Circle and to demonstrate how to build one without knowing the special triangles that contribute to its construction.

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