Portal 2: Amber’s Playroom

Amber’s Playroom by MathyNick For Science. You monster.

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In my last post, Problem Solving in Portal and Portal 2, I made a quick introduction to the games Portal and Portal 2.  In Portal 2, you have the option of making Testing Chambers in the Community Workshop for others to play and solve.

My inspiration to make a test chamber was my cousin, Amber.  She’s usually my Co-Op partner when we play the game.  Making the test chamber was a lot of fun and it made me think about the logic of the game.  The more elaborate and fun you want make the test chamber, the more you have to think deeper about your tools and what you can do, but it’s well worth it.

Weighted Companion Cube

July 23rd was my cousin’s birthday but I just couldn’t wait anymore.  So I presented the custom built Portal 2 Testing Chamber to her on July 19th!  I watched her play the game from the background in great anticipation and eagerness to:  follow her thought process, watch her surprised reactions,  and her “Ah Ha!” moments.  What’s even more satisfying is that she solved the puzzle much faster than her dad did when I had him test it out before finalizing the test chamber.

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