I Used to Work in a Math Lab

Lewis Carroll was a mathematician and a logician.

© Disney’s Alice In Wonderland

Years ago when I still lived in Georgia, I used to work at a math lab.  All kinds of people came to see me looking for a fix. It didn’t matter if they smoked or not, so long as they got their fix.  Some of them were high strung, some were casual, some were cheerful, and some were really fidgety and under pressure.  Some of them would stay awake for hours and hours on math and skip meals.  The new ones were wary of me at first but in time my clientele grew and they became regulars because I knew the formulas they wanted.

I spent most of my time away from home at the math lab. Sometimes I had to work with them in a more private area but that costed more.  I spent time with them showing them how to use the necessary tools and where to find more, how to calculate the right measurements and proportions. I showed them how to find x when x was nowhere to be found.  There were so many of them that I had to show them how to manage a solution on their own.  But when the hypotenuse wasn’t enough, they always come back looking for more.  Either way, I was a master of my craft.  I was a math dealer and tutoring was my game.

*If you are still unsure by now, this is just for laughs/shock value.  I’m describing an innuendo of my experience as a math tutor.  I really did work at a tutoring center called the “Math Lab” and it’s been a running gag since then.  Only Math 🙂 was done and dealt.*

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