Think Past the Optical Illusion

This is a status post from my Facebook page that seemed to hit home for a lot of my friends.

Captivity by Nick Benallo

“Think beyond the optical illusion.” ~Nick M Benallo, March 4th, 2013

I was thinking about what it would look like if an ellipse that is centered at the origin on a Cartesian plane was graphed or mapped to a plane whose surface fit the curvature of the same ellipse. Would it appear to be a circle?

To help imagine this, I was thinking of how the shadow of a hand looks when it is cast against an bumpy surface.

I was thinking about this along the lines of the big questions in life and how it can apply to so many things we experience: mathematical sciences, social day-to-day experiences, spirituality, … just all kinds of things. Just something to ponder about: how you perceive reality, how you sort what is absolute fact without the possibility of doubt, how you understand the source, and understand your perception among other unique perceptions.

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