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Math and Multimedia

Math and Multimedia is a great site for your mathematical curiosities and graphical pretties!  You can easily lose yourself learning from post to post.  I know I did.

For example, A Fascinating Introductory Video to Mathematical Proofs.  It contains a short, entertaining TED video about math proofs and why we need them.

(Honestly, I was looking for a reason to share this video but still provide the reference).

Enjoy the Mathy Goodness!

Happy Mother’s Day!

MathyNick wishes you a Happy Mother’s Day!

by MathyNick

Ready to save some money on batteries?

1.5 AAA batteryLet’s say:

You have a TV remote or a small book light that uses three AAA batteries.  The TV remote no longer sends signals to the receiver and the book light does not turn on.  What do you do with the batteries?  Do you roll them around?  Do you rearrange the position of the batteries until the device works?  What if neither of those methods work?
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