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How to Calculate the Value of e

ever wonder how the calculator seems to know the numeric value of e ?  How could it possibly know?  e is an Irrational Number which means its decimals don’t repeat! (Specifically e is a Transcendental Number but it falls under the category of an irrational number).  So how can you fit an infinitely large number in a small box?  Or for that matter, how did Leonhard Euler manage to calculate e to 23 decimal places without a calculator?

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Math – You Haven’t Seen The Last of Me


Downloadable and Printable Math Handouts

Adobe-ReaderHi everyone!  I just wanted to bring your attention to a new page I added to  In the Printables tab is a collection of PDF Mathematics handouts/packets that I’ve collected over the years of being a tutor.  Look them over and see if you find any that look like they can help you.

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