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Think Past the Optical Illusion

This is a status post from my Facebook page that seemed to hit home for a lot of my friends.

Captivity by Nick Benallo

“Think beyond the optical illusion.” ~Nick M Benallo, March 4th, 2013

I was thinking about what it would look like if an ellipse that is centered at the origin on a Cartesian plane was graphed or mapped to a plane whose surface fit the curvature of the same ellipse. Would it appear to be a circle?

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Months ago I saw a video on Facebook that stuck with me. (See video below or click here).  The entrepreneurs of many successful companies all got their start from learning programming:  Facebook, Dropbox, Fab, just to name a few.

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GeoGebra: The Math App of a Lifetime


One of the greatest mathematics programs I’ve ever used is GeoGebra.  If you have not tried out this app or at least seen examples of the awesome, interactive worksheets students, teachers, or anyone interested have made, you are missing out.

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