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earned_and_not_boughtI’m curious to see what you guys have to say.

5 x 5 Peg Lattice Board Answer

Answer:  50 Squares

Below are two animated .gifs of each square to be made on the lattice board.  If the images below are not moving, click on one to be directed to the original file of that image.

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Random Thought…

“I’ve just discovered I’m π-curious!”

Parametric Spiral Ball Animation with GeoGebra 5

This is that neat thing I said I was working on in GeoGebra 5.  I wanted to come up with a mathematical model that described this metal mixing ball. After playing around with some formulas and testing out properties, I chose some constants for a, n, and d for the base image.  For each frame p, GeoGebra took a “screen capture” of the curve after all t units in the domain [-π, π] were mapped.  This is the formula I came up with:

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How Many Squares Can You Make in a 5 x 5 Peg Lattice Board?

I’ve been wanting to post this problem for a long time.  I don’t know why I’m so lazy.

4 x 4 Unit Lattice Board

Suppose you have a 5 x 5 peg lattice board like one on the right:
Without injuring yourself or others, how many rubber band squares can you make on the board?
How many rubber band squares can you make on an N x N peg lattice board?

The picture above is a screenshot of the Geoboard app.
This app is a:
provided by The Math Learning Center.

Think About It: “If you could travel through time…”

spiral clockA lot of times I wonder what it would be like if a single person travelled to the past or to the future. What kind of questions would the time traveler ask the people of the of the culture at that time?

If a person travelled from the past to our time, do you think the traveler would ask if we’ve attained peace yet, as first of many questions?

Have we used our time wisely and efficiently enough to solve our problems?

Are we where we want to be as people? As a species?



I’m so excited to check out GeoGebra5. I just find it very ironic that the day it is released is the same day I’m admitted to the hospital.

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Math and Multimedia

Math and Multimedia is a great site for your mathematical curiosities and graphical pretties!  You can easily lose yourself learning from post to post.  I know I did.

For example, A Fascinating Introductory Video to Mathematical Proofs.  It contains a short, entertaining TED video about math proofs and why we need them.

(Honestly, I was looking for a reason to share this video but still provide the reference).

Enjoy the Mathy Goodness!

Happy Mother’s Day!

MathyNick wishes you a Happy Mother’s Day!

by MathyNick

Ready to save some money on batteries?

1.5 AAA batteryLet’s say:

You have a TV remote or a small book light that uses three AAA batteries.  The TV remote no longer sends signals to the receiver and the book light does not turn on.  What do you do with the batteries?  Do you roll them around?  Do you rearrange the position of the batteries until the device works?  What if neither of those methods work?
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