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The Struggle of Learning Process

It might be my head-cold talking but this is a really good way of visualizing the learning process for kids and even adults.

You’re faced with a problem and a goal.
You have the capability to solve the problem but you don’t know it.
You try and you struggle;
You feel the difficulty push back until you try something new.
Now the problem is solved and goal is sweetened with the benefits.

Random Thought…

“I’ve just discovered I’m π-curious!”

Parametric Spiral Ball Animation with GeoGebra 5

This is that neat thing I said I was working on in GeoGebra 5.  I wanted to come up with a mathematical model that described this metal mixing ball. After playing around with some formulas and testing out properties, I chose some constants for a, n, and d for the base image.  For each frame p, GeoGebra took a “screen capture” of the curve after all t units in the domain [-π, π] were mapped.  This is the formula I came up with:

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Think About It: “If you could travel through time…”

spiral clockA lot of times I wonder what it would be like if a single person travelled to the past or to the future. What kind of questions would the time traveler ask the people of the of the culture at that time?

If a person travelled from the past to our time, do you think the traveler would ask if we’ve attained peace yet, as first of many questions?

Have we used our time wisely and efficiently enough to solve our problems?

Are we where we want to be as people? As a species?



I’m so excited to check out GeoGebra5. I just find it very ironic that the day it is released is the same day I’m admitted to the hospital.

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The Satisfaction of a Job Well Done

Cuuuurrrssee  yooooouuu maaaaaattthhh!!!!

A few days ago, I got a call from my uncle, Jerry, asking me if I could tutor his daughter, my cousin, Tayler.  Of course I agreed!  According to my uncle, my cousin was feeling very frustrated with the material in the classroom and more at home trying to understand.  So frustrated nearly to the point of tears.  So she took some time to cool off and clear her head for about an hour.

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An Imaginary Tale: De Moivre’s Formula in a Gif

I’ve been reading the book, An Imaginary Tale: The Story of i [the square root of minus one] by Paul J. Nahin and it’s really interesting!  I’m almost to chapter 4 and so far it’s been introducing some nifty ideas about complex numbers.  Among the content, we find a very convenient way of calculating the value of a complex number when multiplied by itself an integer amount of times.  That is, z^n=(a+bi)^n=r^n \cdot \left[ \cos\left(n\theta\right)+i\sin(n\theta)\right]\mid n\in \mathbb{Z}^+.  This is De Moivre’s Formula.

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Caffeine + Low Blood Sugar = Shakiness(Parkinson’s)

As a medically induced diabetic who drinks coffee, I can say this. LOL

Did You Know: i^i Is Real?

In my last post, A REALLY Brief Intro to Complex Numbers, I talked about a few necessary definitions to know what Complex numbers \mathbb{C} are.  Complex numbers are really intriguing and necessary for our electronic devices to work.  You might be reading this on a computer, smartphone, tablet, etc., but none of the advances in technology would be possible without use of complex numbers.  Creating wonders from wonders.

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Random Thought

I’m such a math geek I bring a graphing calculator with me to sleepovers.